A complete project to create your custom MOBA style game.

Lockable/Unlockable camera.
A mark system for differents player movement options and a ping system.
Minions and turrets AI system non based on other projects.
A complete spells casting system with easy implementation
(you only need to extend from the base class and the spells controller will do the rest).
A complete messages controller with sounds and mark controller.
Interactuable minimap with a GUI example.
Code documented and has a simple structure easily understable (Includes a PDF with documentation).

Credits to Basilisa Canovas for the voice.

Package includes examples of:
2 differents minions (Melee and ranged)
2 differents players (Melee and ranged)
8 differents spells (Teleport, Heal, Fire Ball and many more)


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