Adds custom lists to EDD Wish Lists.

Once activated, EDD Downloads Lists will allow you add a separated user downloads list.

The idea of this plugin is keep EDD Wish List as a user lists manager and EDD Downloads Lists as internal list manager.

EDD Downloads Lists has four predefined lists:

  • Wishes
  • Favorites
  • Likes
  • Recommendations


You can enable any list at any moment. When you enable a list, you will be able to set this settings for each list:

  • Label: Defines the button label
  • Icon: Defines the button icon
  • Count: Show/Hide total times this download has been added to this type of lists
  • Style: Defines the button style (Plain text or button)
  • Page: Defines the page where users can see their list (The page needs the shortcode [edd_downloads_lists])
  • Guest: Allow guest to create this type of lists
  • Cart: Show/Hide an add to cart button on this type of lists
  • Share: Show/Hide share options on this type of lists


Also includes a widget to render enabled list buttons on Download’s sidebar.

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