Adds a form wizard with validation to your checkout page.

Once activated, EDD Checkout Wizard will add a form wizard to your checkout page with some features:

  • Customer can only pass to the next tab if the form is correctly completed
  • Forces to scroll to the bottom of the screen to click the next button
  • Possibility to navigate to previously validated tabs
  • Checks changes from payment method selection


Current tabs distribution:

  • Overview: Displays cart and recommended products (if EDD Recommended Products is active)
  • Payment Method: Displays available payment methods, if there is only one or none, then this tab is removed
  • Account: Displays login/register form or the account information
  • Billing Address: Displays billing address information and EU VAT information (if EDD VAT is active)
  • Payment: Last tab with cart total and purchase button


EDD Checkout Wizard has support for this third-party plugins:

  • EDD Recommended Products


Get this plugin:
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